After a long and hard two years in the making, we are proud to announce the release of our self-titled album. 'Poetically discussing topics of personal struggles and social issues we see a shift from DIY grunge band into a band evolving into a more serious and ambitious group of artists. Laurens Court’s self-titled album sees the band coming into their own, experimenting with an artistic and dynamic sound that embraces their previous dark lyrics and melodic undertones, but with a much more polished and clear direction. Steering away from genre limitations the band allows themselves to explore a wide variety of styles and ideas, whilst still remaining loyal to their convention-breaking choices.' Check out the premiere and wonderful review written by the fantastic Chelsey Turner.


We are very excited to announce that our upcoming single ‘Burn’ has officially been released and is available on all major platforms. Ensure you check out the pre-release review written by Mal Lythe at 'That Verbally Withdrawn Music Blog'.

Also make sure you head over to the Independent Music News website where you can check out a truly beautifully written full review from Chelsey Turner. If you're still not satisfied of reading after that, then also feel free to read the amazing review  written by the lovely Robyn Walker from Spotlight Music UK.

"You may find this has a polished sound but that doesn't take away the whole DIY aspect of it all. For me it sounds like a band who are willing to evolve their own sound whilst staying true to themselves and the message that the music gives."  - Mal Lythe

"With a title like Burn, I expected something powerful and fiery and was in no way disappointed by the way this was honoured. Listening to this song, I felt like a witness to a battle of the mind. A manifestation of thought into an ultimate explosion of feeling." - Chelsey Turner

"It’s got everything; from the electronic, more experimental elements, to enthralling crescendos and even a stand out glimmering saxophone solo - all cemented by the dark, haunting Laurens Court signature sound." - Robyn Walker


Following from the release of our latest single 'Burn' we are happy to declare that the official music video has been finally been released! Don't wait, check it out here.